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The Alto Mini Tower is the newest addition to the Alto Access product range. Designed to be transported, handled, assembled and used by only one operative, the Alto Mini Tower is the ideal compact tower solution for one-man use and perfect to maintain social distancing when required.


The Alto Mini Tower can be constructed up to a working height of 6m and its compact footprint means it is perfect for use in confined spaces. The base unit is also narrow enough to fit through standard doorways.

Manufactured using the same materials as the Alto MD tower range, users can be confident that the Alto Mini Tower is a robust yet lightweight, compact access tower suitable for a wide range of applications - not only for industrial applications and  on construction sites, but also perfect for use in domestic environments.


The Alto Mini Tower is fully compliant with BS: EN1004 and being simpler, safer, cheaper and stronger – will outperform and outlast all other brands of one man scaffold tower. This Mini Tower benefits from the long established, legendary quality of Alto Towers.

The Alto Mini Tower is also designed to be stored inside its own trolley when not assembled, making it a simple one-man operation to transport the components from vehicle to work area. When not in use the Alto Mini Tower is small enough to be transported in a small van, pick-up or even a large estate car.


Alto Mini Tower is designed to be simpler, safer, cheaper, stronger and longer lasting.

One Man Assembly

Transport Trolley

Self Locking Frames

Quick-fit Brace Panel

2mm Thick Tube

Alto Mini Tower can be assembled by a single operative

One Man Assembly


The Alto Mini Tower is designed to be a rapid build scaffolding tower for a single operative. It has a compact base to fit through standard doors It will conveniently fit in a pick-up or van. An integral trolley base unit for makes storage and transport very straight forward.

Alto Mini Tower stores neatly into its own base unit

Transport Trolley


Stored and transported in its own self-contained base/trolley unit – the Alto Mini Tower is a complete solution for safe, efficient and effective one-man work at height.

Alto Mini Tower frames lock together automatically

Self Locking Frames


The Alto Mini Tower has a unique gravity operated auto-latch to lock frames together. No pins to fit & manually lock, and no spring clips to forget to fit or lose. The latch operates automatically – it cannot be forgotten, overridden or omitted by the operator.

Alto Mini Tower uses brace panels for rapid assembly

Quick-fit Brace Panel


The Alto Mini Tower utilises linked brace hooks. Each end can be connected and disconnected using only one hand, allowing simpler, safer, easier installation and removal. Brace pins secure the panel in place but do not ‘snag’ on tubes hindering removal.

2mm thick tube compared to 1.5mm thick tube

2mm Thick Tube


Our Mini Tower is made using the renowned Alto MD extrusion and connector components. A minimum of 25% thicker than any competitor tower, the Alto extrusion is chosen on capability – not to keep costs down. We don’t use plastic fittings and cheap connectors that will fatigue/fail.


Assembly Sequence


A video showing the assembly sequence of the Alto Mini Tower up to a platform working height of 4m.

Storage Trolley


The Alto Mini Tower can be dismantled, stored and transported in its own base frame when not in use.

Toeboard Install


A video showing how the folding aluminium toeboard is installed on the Alto Mini Tower.

Brace Panel Removal


A video showing how the brace panel components work, and how they are removed on the Alto Mini Tower.

360º Image

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