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Alto MD Ladderspan Tower

Medium Duty, high strength

Value and Strength Together

The Alto Medium Duty Ladderspan Tower is the ideal mobile access tower for commercial applications where the extreme strength of the heavy duty range is not required.


Available in 2 platform lengths, 2 widths, a choice of 500mm and 250mm rung spacings and the option to assemble the tower using the 3T or AGR method, the Alto MD Tower range is perfect for hire shops and tradesman who require the ownership of an access tower.

Even though the Alto Medium Duty tower is regarded as our lighter weight range, the tower still has much greater strength and durability than any the other tower on the market today.


Using 2mm thick extruded aluminium tube and having all joints fully welded gives the MD tower the reliability and longevity that the industry, and our customers come to expect from the Alto brand.


The MD tube's distinctive "ribbed" appearance on the frames, braces and stabilisers easily marks it out from other tower brands on sites.

Just like the rest of the Alto access range, the Alto MD Tower is manufactured using 48mm dia. extruded aluminium tube, meaning that the tower is fully compatible with scaffolding systems. This makes the task of tying in to structures using standard scaffold fittings far easier and cheaper. No bespoke, specialist couplings and parts need to be sourced - just off-the-shelf gear.


ALTO MD Tower was designed using the same features of the HD range but using a lighter gauge extrusion.

2mm Thick Tube

Scaffold Compatible

Fully Welded Joints

Head Fittings

2000kg Capacity

2mm thick tube compared to 1.5mm thick tube

2mm Thick Tube


ALTO MD Tower is manufactured by 2mm thick, 48mm diameter tube. The unique fluted design of our MD tube not only distinguishes it from all other tower brands. It also adds to the physical strength of the material, making the tower even stronger.

Alto Tower with scaffold fittings being used

Scaffold Compatible


The ALTO MD Tower tube has a 48mm external diameter, the same diameter as traditional steel scaffolding. This means adaptations and tying in is very easy because you can use standard tube & fittings which you cannot with a lightweight system.

Fully Welded Frame Joint

Fully Welded Joints


Every welded joint on the ALTO MD Tower is fully welded 360O around the tube. This means fractured welds are a thing of the past and make the tower a much more rigid structure with joints 5 times stronger in tension & 13 times stronger in bending.

Alto Conical Head Fitting

Non-jamming Head Fittings


The ALTO conical head fittings prevent frames from jamming when dismantling towers so hammer damage is totally eliminated. An additional benefit of the head fittings is the frames automatically lock together during assembly, eliminating the requirement for flimsy, awkward spring clips that can be lost or damaged and render the tower unusable.

2000kg load capacity

2000kg Load Capacity


The ALTO MD Tower has a load capacity of 2,000 kg (2.0t) compared to between 650 - 950 Kg maximum for lightweight competitor products - reducing health & safety risks whilst increasing the range of applications available.


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