At Lakeside Industries, we are determined to do our bit for the environment, the well-being of our employees and to supply quality, well-made products to our customers. Through every step of our manufacturing processes, to the facility that we work from, every effort is taken to reduce the waste that we generate and the energy we use, whilst at the same time, ensuring our workplace environment is safe, healthy and comfortable for our team.

  • Designed For Purpose

    We will make sure that our products are designed for their purpose in the best possible way - so that they are better suited to the customer's need than anyone else's. Our aim is that our products will be better than any competitors in every way that we can make them and exceed every applicable standard.

  • Right First Time

    We aim to manufacture everything correctly at the first time of asking and deliver the right products on time or earlier. To do this we must have a method for everything and when something goes wrong, we must work out how & why it has happened and improve our methods so that it never happens again. Every one of us must take responsibility for ensuring this happens.

  • Our Workplace

    This is where we spend most of our time. We want everybody to thrive here, give their very best, not get damaged and participate in the success of the company. To achieve this, we will be meticulous and rigorous with ourselves about safety and constructive behaviour. We will support and encourage each other and our rewards will be linked to our success.

  • Efficiency

    Every time we have to remake something or do something inefficiently, we create wasted materials, effort and cost. This is bad for us, bad for the company and bad for the world. We need to make sure that we keep getting more efficient in every process that we undertake.

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