New Universal Scaffold Stair Units

February 2018

In developing the Alto Universal Scaffold Stair we have applied our extensive expertise in safety and prefabricated aluminium access equipment to the general scaffolding industry to create a stair unit having unrivalled innovative advantages in value for money and versatility.


This new product provides hugely versatile and cost effective stair access avoiding the need to invest in specialised stair tower systems whilst still maintaining fully compliant access to meet the latest standards and customer requirements.


Made of aluminium for lightness and corrosion resistance. The Alto Universal Scaffold Stair is also of all bolted construction to allow the product to be completely maintained by any competent scaffolding operator.


The Alto Universal Scaffold Stair is installed using only a hammer and a podger to fasten the hooks and locking plates in all configurations.


As standard, the Alto Universal Scaffold Stair unit is supplied with sockets for made to measure fully compliant handrails. However, for many applications a bespoke set of handrails composed of tube and fittings is more effective. As the stair unit has 48mm tubular stringers these can be fitted more easily than with any other product.


The Alto Universal Scaffold Stair adapts to the rise height when fitted giving level consistent steps. Its clear width of 630mm, extruded, slip resistant treads and smooth tubular handrails makes using the stair comfortable and convenient for the user.


There are 5 models in the range, spanning lift heights from .75m to 3.4m. Each model is adjustable for lift height over a wide range, making The Alto Universal Scaffold Stair supremely versatile, especially within tube and fitting scaffold structures.


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