At Alto Access, we are constantly designing & developing new access products to keep you and your employees safe whilst working at height. Our most recent developments are specifically designed to be used with the Alto HD tower system.


1m Stair Unit for the Alto HD Stair Tower:


To make the Alto HD Stair Tower more flexible, we have developed a new 1 metre stair unit and handrail to give the product new flexibility to achieve more heights in a completely compliant way. The new stair unit is simple to deploy and is convenient & compact to store and transport. It also makes entry and exit to the tower even better than before.


Staircase access is a vast improvement over ladder access in terms of both comfort and safety. This is especially true when carrying tools or materials.

As safety regimes in construction - especially among larger corporate contractors and employers - has improved in recent years, we have seen a growing trend back towards our stair tower configurations as part of a sustained reduction in the use of ladder access.

Alto HD Stair Tower Half Gate:


The Alto Stair Tower Half Gate provides self-closing collective protection to all intermediate platform levels of a stair tower - requiring deliberate action to open the gate and enter the stairway and automatically closing behind the user.


The spring loaded gate is quickly and simply attached to the tower as the last stage of assembly using the standard half couplers provided and automatically finds its closed position.


For more information please see our HD Stair Tower page:


BS 1139-6 Timber Toeboard Sockets:


Users of Alto Towers will be familiar with our one piece folding aluminium toeboard set for our HD and MD towers. This is great in terms of minimising the number of parts and speed/ease of installation and removal, but they are only suited to work with standard tower configurations.


To cope with advanced applications under BS 1139-6 such as cantilever towers and linked tower configurations, we have created a new corner socket. This drops into the recess in Alto HD mk2 & 3 platforms and takes standard thickness scaffold boards to allow custom toeboards to be installed with ease. We also supply a number of pre-cut toeboards for all common arrangements.


For further information on BS 1139-6 configurations please see our page:


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