New Fixed Scaffold Stair & Balustrade Set

February 2018

Another Alto product for the general scaffolding market is the Alto Fixed Scaffold Stair Unit. For larger scaffold structures with consistent 2 or 3 metre lifts, the adaptability of the Alto Universal Scaffold Stair is not needed as the lifts are standardised.


The Alto Fixed Scaffold Stair replaces the use of ladder units and gives full stairway access to each lift. This makes ascending and descending structures safer and easier. It also means that tools and certain materials are able to be carried up and down with ease, whilst still maintaining complete compliance with the latest requirements.


Made of aluminium for lightness and corrosion resistance. The Alto Fixed Scaffold Stair is also of all bolted construction to allow the product to be completely maintained by any competent scaffolding operator.


The units can be supplied with two or one sided handrail sockets to accept our smooth quick fitting handrails or without sockets to facilitate tube and fitting handrails.


The 500mm clear width of the extruded aluminium slip-resistant treads give comfortable compliant access.


However, they do require a larger aperture in the upper level of each access point compared to that of a conventional vertical ladder. The aperture size and shape cannot safely be covered by a trapdoor and using a tube and fitting solution to guardrail this is awkward and requires wasteful cutting of scaffold poles and boards.


The Alto Balustrade unit provides an ideal integrated solution. The balustrade folds flat for transport & storage and provides a complete and safe gated, toe-boarded barrier around the stairway aperture.


The Alto Balustrade clips conveniently onto standard scaffold boards and is braced against tube and fitting external handrails by the effective clip on braces. The spring-loaded gate closes off the top of the stairway to complete the protection.


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