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Simple Staircase Access

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Cost Effective Compliance

The Alto Fixed Scaffold Stair is an all-aluminium access solution for the scaffolder working to pre-determined lift heights, allowing a totally compliant staircase to be installed with minimum cost and weight. Made of corrosion resistant, structural quality aluminium extruded profiles for strength and reliability, the Alto Fixed Scaffold Stair is a simple, compact cost effective solution for consistent scaffold structures.


Like all Alto products the Alto Fixed Scaffold Stair is designed to be effective and durable in the harsh environment of the construction site and is fully compliant with BS EN 12811.

Simple & Efficient

The Alto Fixed Scaffold Stair Unit has hooks with built-in sliding locks to fix the unit in place on 48mm scaffolding tube transoms with no tools required making installation rapid and simple.


Manufactured using standardised components and an all-bolted construction, the Alto Fixed Scaffold Stair Unit is simple for any competent operator to maintain and repair in-house. A single tread can be replaced without disassembling the whole unit.


Available in three sizes to cover the most common lift heights of 1.0m, 1.5m and 2.0m. Optional compliant handrails are also available for all units in either one sided or two sided configurations.


BS EN 12811

Fully Bolted

Quick-lock Latch

Optional Handrails

Optional Balustrades

BS EN 12811-1 Compliant


The Alto Fixed Scaffold Stair gives scaffolders the most rapid lightweight fully compliant stair unit for standard height scaffold lifts. Fully compliant and a rapid, simple interface with the scaffold. No tools required. No need to buy a system staircase.

Fully bolted construction


Light weight and corrosion resistant, the aluminium construction of the Alto Fixed Scaffold Stair unit is convenient and durable. All components are bolted together so the maintenance of units can be done quickly and efficiently.

Quick-lock Latch


The Alto Fixed Scaffold Stair unit locks into place with two unique sliding latches to prevent dislocation and secure the unit in place. No tools required.

Optional Handrails


Fully compliant handrails are available in either double sided or one sided forms to suit the application. Alternatively, the tube and fitting handrails can be used to fit the site if preferred.

Optional Gated Balustrades


An optional balustrade kit is available to give a fully guard railed and gated surround to the stairway opening within the scaffold. The kit folds flat for storage and transport and has snap lock braces to fit 48mm scaffolding tube.

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