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Boost Your Safety

The new Alto Podium System is fully certified to BS 8620:2016. Completely redesigned, extensively tested in-house and externally certified by a leading UK laboratory, the new Alto Podium Steps set new standards for safety at height and performance.

Alto BS 8620 Podium and Booster Frame 3

Boost Utilisation

The Alto Podium System sets itself apart from the competition with one podium and three boosters to cover platform heights from 0.5m to 2.25m. Compare this to 8 separate podiums offered by others to reach the same platform heights and the benefits are clear. The podium steps can be released from, or added to boosters to meet changes in demand. All fully assembled combinations of these podium steps fit through a standard doorway.

Alto BS 8620 Podium and Booster Frame 1

Boost Your Profits

Don't waste money on replacing lost parts. The platform and step treads can be stowed in secure, convenient locations on the podium unit when not in use. Innovative in-built stabilisers are included in the podium frame and all booster variants, reducing the number of loose components. Once the podium steps are finished with, all variations can be folded closed separately or left assembled for ease and convenience.


The ALTO Podium has been designed to fully meet and often exceed all the BS 8620 standard requirements.

In-built Stabilisers

Unrivalled Strength

Economical Solution

Stowable Parts

Offset Wheels

Optional Extras

Alto Podium In-built StabilisersIn-built Stabilisers


The ALTO Podium and all 3 Boosters have in-built stabilisers that have 2 fixed deployed positions depending on the location where it is being used. The stabilisers also have a parked position when not the podium steps are folded away or being relocated.

Unrivalled StrengthUnrivalled Strength


Made from 2mm and 2.5mm thick extruded aluminium, robust heavy duty non-marking rubber feet and secure fastening systems, the Alto Podium system is designed to survive in the most demanding environments. Although limited by the British Standard to a maximum working load of 150kg, the Alto podium steps have been tested to loads in excess of 300kg.

Economical SolutionEconomical Solution


The unique booster system allows for maximum utilisation.

· Podium only - 0.5m & 0.75m

· Podium & Booster No.1 - 0.5m, 0.75m, 1.0m & 1.25m

· Podium & Booster No.2 - 0.5m, 0.75m, 1.5m & 1.75m

· Podium & Booster No.3 - 0.5m, 0.75m, 2.0m & 2.25m

Stowable PartsStowable Parts


The ALTO Podium steps are designed to have all the loose components stowed on it when the Podium not in use or whilst it is being transported. The 2 treads and the platform are able to be quickly clipped on and off the Podium and are non-obstructive when the Podium is folded flat. This reduces the risk of losing parts and saves you money not buying replacements.

Offset Wheel and Rubber FootOffset Wheels & Rubber Feet


The Podium steps and all 3 booster variations have heavy duty, high friction, non-marking rubber feet on all 4 legs with offset, non-marking polypropylene wheels on the rear legs. This eliminates the ability to"surf" the podium - a key requirement for BS 8620.

Optional Aluminium PlatformOptional Extra Parts


The ALTO Podium is supplied as standard with a wooden working platform. Under normal situations this is more than adequate but when the Podium steps are used in sterile or fire-risk environments, an all-aluminium platform is available. There is also an all-aluminium clip-on folding toeboard set available as an optional extra.


Alto BS 8620 Podium Logo
Alto BS 8620 Podium and Booster Frame 3
Alto BS 8620 Podium and Booster Frame 1
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Alto BS 8620 Podium and Booster Frame 3
Alto BS 8620 Podium and Booster Frame 1
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Alto BS 8620 Podium and Booster Frame 3
Alto BS 8620 Podium and Booster Frame 1