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Alto Access have been providing bespoke access solutions for over 30 years. Our tailor made equipment is selected wherever efficiency, safety and value for money are paramount but an off-the-shelf solutions is not available.


Our team of design engineers have an unrivalled wealth of experience in creating market leading solutions for safely working at height.

Creative Solutions

For every project, we ensure that we get the clearest understanding of the practical requirements and the constraints of the site. Once the scope is established and agreed, we put our design team to work to come up with solutions.


We review these with the client to refine and optimise the design – and only when we are all happy that we are fully on target with a solution that works, we go to production from our fully modelled designs.


ISO 9001 Facility

30+ Years Experience

Proven Solutions

Testing & Prototyping

3D Modelling

ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facilityISO 9001 accredited facility


Our design and fabrication facility in the heart of the Midlands is ISO 9001 certified for all design and manufacturing processes providing the highest level of quality assurance to our clients.

Bespoke Alto Mobile Staircase Unit30+ Years Experience


Our designers have well over 30 years experience in creating tailor made solutions to the widest range of access applications in a huge range of industries and sites.

Alto Underwing Access PlatformProven Solutions


Alto bespoke access solutions have been installed in a hugely diverse range of applications and locations and have provided cost effective safe solutions for many years.

Testing & Prototyping


All solutions are subject to peer review and, where required, computerised FEA and/or physical testing to prove capability and SWL for the particular application. All this is done in our ISO 9001 manufacturing facility.

3D CAD Modelling


All of our engineered solutions are 3D CAD modelled in-house. This ensures that our designs are free of internal conflicts and work seamlessly with 3rd party interfaces.


ALTO Bespoke Access
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