Alto Room Scaffold

Cost-effective Access

The Alto Room Scaffold is designed to put operatives safely at height at lower levels than the Alto MD Tower, whilst incorporating a compact design, and less component pieces.


Ideal for end-user ownership or part of a hire fleet, the Alto Room Scaffold is perfect for indoor height access or use on level outdoor areas.

Highly portable and manoeuvrable, this two-man mini tower provides platform working heights of up to 1.75m. The Alto Room Scaffold also possesses the same platform loading capacity of the Alto MD tower.


As with all Alto Tower products, the Room Scaffold is manufactured from durable 48mm dia. extruded aluminium tube. Using the 2mm thick Alto MD tube, durability, strength and rigidity come as standard.


The Alto Room Scaffold has an innovative locking, folding frame design that not only braces the tower permanently when deployed, but also reduces the total number of components required.

Compact stabilisers & double-braked castor wheels provide the usual safe operating environment that our customers expect from the Alto Tower range.


All other items that accompany the folding frame are from the standard Alto MD Tower range. This means the Room Scaffold is a perfect addition to a hire fleet running the MD products.


ALTO Room Scaffold

Tower Component Compatibility

2mm Thick Tube

Scaffold Compatible

Tower Component Compatibility

The ALTO Room Scaffold utilises the same components as the ALTO MD Tower. The braces, platforms, toeboards, wheels and stabilisers are all interchangeable with the standard ALTO MD tower range - making the ALTO Room Scaffold frame the perfect, cost-effective addition to an ALTO MD Tower fleet.

2mm Thick Tube

The ALTO Room Scaffold is manufactured by 2mm thick, 48mm diameter tube. The unique fluted design of our MD tube not only distinguishes it from all other tower brands. It also adds to the physical strength of the material, making the tower even stronger.

Scaffold Compatible

The ALTO Room Scaffold tube has a 48mm external diameter, the same diameter as traditional steel scaffolding. This means adaptations and tying in is very easy because you can use standard tube & fittings which you cannot with a lightweight system.