Alto HD Stair Tower

Manufactured using the same components as its ladderspan counterpart, the Alto Heavy Duty Stair Tower is a fully accessible mobile access tower that uses traditional flights of stairs to gain access to the work platforms, rather than the vertical ladder design. The Alto HD Stair Tower is ideally suited for longer-term installs, or on jobs where the work platform needs to be accessed from the ground more frequently than normal.

A photo of an Alto Heavy Duty Stair Tower against a building

The Alto HD Stair Tower is the only one of its kind on the market. The traditional sloping staircase integrated inside the tower means that access to the working platform is now easier and safer than a vertical ladder.


The stair design gives a much more flexible working environment as tools & materials can now be carried up through the tower by the end-user instead of requiring winches, ropes or cranes.

Easy Access As Standard

Compatibility Within Ranges

The Alto Stair Tower is available in a 1.8m x 1.4m tower configuration, with varying platform heights up to 12.4m free-standing. Each staircase flight is accompanied by double handrail braces.


As the Alto HD Stair Tower uses many of the same components as the Alto HD Ladderspan Tower, converting existing towers is cost-effective and straight forward. Alternatively, by adding a handful of unique components into existing Alto HD Ladderspan rental stocks, hire companies are able to offer an extended range of towers to their customers.

A close-up photo of the Alto HD Stair Tower
A photo of the Alto HD Stair Tower against a building