Alto HD Ladderspan Tower

The Alto HD Ladderspan Tower is the ultimate industrial aluminium mobile access tower on the market today. The most robust form of non-powered mobile access equipment available, the Alto Heavy Duty Tower range has led the way since its creation nearly 40 years ago. Designed by a team of scaffolding engineers and sold into the hire industry, the Alto HD Tower range is the pinnacle of safe, strong, sturdy working-at-height access.

A photo of a double width Alto Heavy Duty Ladderspan Tower against a building

When the Alto HD Ladderspan Tower was first designed, the concept was simple - to create the best possible product to keep a person who was working at height, safe.


Every aspect of the tower was carefully considered and designed to ensure the Alto HD Tower would be strong enough to cope with the demands of everyday life on a construction site.


The unique design characteristics found on the Alto products mean that for almost 40 years, they are still the best-in-class.

Class-leading Towers

Strength In The Design

The Alto HD Tower is also known as the Industrial Tower. As the names suggest, it is designed to cope with the toughest environments and built to last.


The only tower on the market to use 3mm thick, 48mm dia. aluminium tube, the Alto HD Ladderspan Tower is the ultimate mobile access tower in terms of strength, rigidity and durability. This tube thickness means it is far less susceptible to denting, crushing and  general wear & tear damage. When using the tower at higher levels, the tower feels grounded, sturdier.....safer.


The use of 48mm dia. tube also means that it can be directly tied in to scaffolding using standard scaffold fittings.

A close-up photo of the Alto HD Adjustable Leg & Castor
A close-up photo of the Alto HD Stabiliser connection detail

Configurations To Suit All

The HD Tower is available in 2 platform lengths - 1.8m & 2.7m long with both platform versions coming in 2 standard widths - single and double - and a treble width available on request. This choice of variation gives the Alto HD Tower the flexibility to be used in nearly every type of configuration needed.